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Three Seas International Film Festival
December 3rd - 7th, 2023

Welcome to Three Seas International Film Festival, established in 2019 and hosted and organized by the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Latvia. The festival aspires to showcase the newest talents in the independent film industry from all over the world and create an event where films of different backgrounds can provide entertainment for anyone who is a fan of cinema.
For this year's edition, we were happy to welcome outsanding films from well-crafted animation, to surreal dramas, experimental and intruiging documentaries of both feature-lenght and short films; Basically, we are looking for films that can make you reflect, feel and connect.

Rules & Terms

1. The selection of films to participate in 3 Seas will be conducted by the Selection commission, which is to be approved by the Direction of the Festival.
2. Application is being received via Filmfreeway.
3. Only Feature and Short films which were produced between 2022 and 2023 can participate in the competition programme of the Festival
4. The minimum runtime of feature films is 60 minutes
5. The maximum runtime of short films is 30 minutes 
7. No unveiling criteria is applied, but the international and world premiers are preferred.


The International Jury awards the following prizes – statuettes and monetary awards to the films of the Main contest:

Feature Film Awards
Grand Prix for the best fiction feature film (monetary award of 10 000 Euros)
Second place (monetary award of 7 500 Euros)
Third place (monetary award of 5 000 Euros)
Best animation (monetary award of 6 000 Euros)
Best documentary (monetary award of 6 000 Euros)

Short Film Awards
Award for best fiction short film (monetary award of 5 000 Euros)
Second place (monetary award of 3 500 Euros)
Third place (monetary award of 2 000 Euros)
Best animation (monetary award of 1 500 Euros)
Best documentary (monetary award of 1 500 Euros) 

Other Awards
Best director (feature film)
Audience Choice Award
Best actor and actress (feature film)
Sponsors’ and partners’ awards


Information centre of the festival “Three Seas” Pils ielā 4, Rēzekne, LV-4601, Latvia


P: +371 (348) 034-9312
F: +371 (348) 034-9869