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Winners Past Editions

15th - 21th November 2019

Award Winners 

Best Editing: A Finger, Two Dots, Then Me

Best Cinematography: Ghosts of Old Highways

Best Animation: 999.999.999

Best Short Short: Halbschlaf

Best Experimental: Self-Sabotage

Best Documentary Short: The Forgotten Fruit

Best Documentary Feature: Facets of Winter

Best Narrative Short: Science of Death

Best Narrative Feature: Searching for Sonny 

17th - 23th January 2020

Award Winners

Best Editing: Calling on Others (Scott LeDuc & Andrew Matthews)

Best Cinematography: Brant Hadfield for The Last Legend

Best Animation: Noella Borie's The Face Shop  

Best Short Short: Joe Petrilla's THE LINE

Best Experimental: Adam Badlotto's Only in Dreams

Best Documentary Short: Robert Sickels' Walla Walla Wiffle

Best Documentary Feature: Awakening the Skeena

Best Narrative Short: Marisa Brown's Rain for Morgan

Best Narrative Feature: Boy Wonder

10th - 16th December 2021

Award Winners

Best Editing: The Ballad of Angel Face

Best Cinematography: Stoney

Best Animation: Little Old Ladies

Best Short Short: Black Ops Arabesque

Best Experimental: The Magnitude of the Continental Divides

Best Documentary Short: Between the Lip and Nasal Passageway; A Modern Account of the Moustache

Best Documentary Feature: Rouge Ciel

Best Narrative Short: The Godmother

Best Narrative Feature: Racewalker

11th - 17th November 2022

Award Winners

Best Editing: And What Remains

Best Cinematography: Placebo

Best Experimental: Railed

Best Animation: Gerald's Last Day

Best Short Short: Interpretation

Best Doc Short: Reefer Madness

Best Documentary: The Cost of Oil

Best Narrative Short: Compact Only

Best Narrative Feature: The Project